What is the difference between Offset and Digital Printing?

Offset Printing Advantages

  • Suitable for bulk printing, cost is much more lower when doing gang runs (quantity above 1000 piece).
    Price goes down as printing quantity increase
  • Higher quality of printing, color more vibrant and sharp
  • Ability to print pantone color
  • Ability to print larger size (16″ x 24″) or more
  • Registration between front and back is much more accurate than digital print.

Digital Printing Advantages

  • Suitable for short run jobs , cost will be much more lower than doing offset printing.
  • Ability to print many files at one time. For example, a word file consists of 15 pages, just a click of a  button, all the 15 pages will printed out while offset printing you need 15 films and plates in order to print.
  • Printing time is greatly reduce, it take days to do plates and film in offset printing.
  • Ability to print job on ad hoc basis
  • Ability to do personalized printing